We Map the Gift we Lost

Exhibited in the group show Bodies and Antibodies at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation 2023.

Extract from exhibition text:

A large raised podium – its high curved form and terracotta tone rejecting the status of plinth – raises up Stöckel’s ceramic works to meet the visitor on a human scale, while directing our movement through the exhibition. Ceramic sculptures that resemble the body – folds, creases and openings. The clay pieces constitute an ongoing research where each new sculpture becomes an individual that together forms a family. Objects become subjects and new members cause the family to grow. Stöckel’s practice constantly returns to the question of the external gaze – how do we see ourselves through the eyes of others? It’s an examination of power structures, exotification and colonialism and how this settles in the body and is carried on through generations. We map the gift we lost – Stöckel’s work for BODIES AND ANTIBODIES – plays with the roles of us and them and how those categories constantly shift between the sculpture and the viewer.

Photo: Lou Mouw