Slice of one Another

« Slice of one another is a silent moment. A scene in the gap where something has already happened and something else is about to continue. With apathy, I have dissected my repetitive forms. Like a restart where I took it apart to find new ways to glue it back together.

A Sami family history, marked by shame, has sneaked its way into the work. But the lack of nuance in the stories like these, dulls me and leaves me wanting something more.

Each new sculpture is a desire to knead more layers.

The sculptures are fragments of something that once was, but also an attempt to understand what comes next. How do you relate to your history in the present?

There is a before but also an after. »

Sound composed by Jonas Odhner and Dan Olsson as an interpretation of the exhibition.

Documentation from solo exhibition at Galleri Box 2022.