Sense of Shame

On the wall hangs a family photo taken a few years ago.
It is rare for the whole family to be gathered, so they’e booked an appointment with a photographer.
They are thinking about what to wear.
Grandma and grandpa gonna wear the gahkti, the children think that’s obvious.
The children do not own a gahkti.
If they dress in light blue? Yes, light blue is a good color, neutral.

The starting point is a conversation in the kitchen with my grandmother and grandfather. Grandma weaves a ribbon, nothing special. The pattern is in her memory and the weaving spoon she got from her mother. Grandpa listen to the radio. They talk about reburials of Sami skulls. But what difference does it make when the damage already been done. They drink coffee and the first snow is falling outside.

In the gallery room we meet a wall of tiles with rolled out clay. The imprint from a woven ribbon that I tried to weave dissolves and winds its way across the tiles. On a metal stand, a sculpture in off-white porcelain is clamped. On the other wall hangs the family portrait and on stools around the room are sculptures in different shades of blue.

Exhibited at RAM Galleri in Oslo 2021

I’m just practicing my knowledge